Tiny Graces

I am sheepishly returning to the little piece of home that is WordPress tonight – well aware that tomorrow would mark two full months without writing anything other than checks and emails.  I am sitting on my couch in my quiet apartment, wrapped in a blanket and sick from chocolate chips feeling humbled and amazed at how much there is to be written of.

My soul has been cared for in these two months and there’s just too much to tell.

I have a job that I enjoy and that I’m good at.  I have a family that I am lucky enough to be homesick for.  I have friends that are kind and a church that is gracious and a roommate that makes Tuesdays and dishes and utility bills more fun.  I have no idea how to even begin to put words around the beauty of my life right now.

But what I know is that it’s Saturday night and it’s raining and I feel rested.  I woke up wearing my favorite t-shirt to the sound of a piano next door.  I had breakfast with my very best friend and talked about memories and salvation.  We got lattes and hunted for yard sales and listened to hymns in the car.  I came home and put clean sheets on my bed.  I hung pictures on the walls of my bedroom and put away clothes that have been out for days.  I listened to bluegrass and cleaned my kitchen with the windows open.  I roasted vegetables, drank a glass of wine, and caught up with an old friend after far too long of not talking.  I read.  I drank water with lemon and sat down to write this blog.

And then I cried because my soul has been so tenderly cared for today.  My soul has been so graciously mended in this season.  My soul has been so carefully crafted this year.  My soul has been so faithfully loved these 23 years.

God loves us so well.

Tomorrow I will sleep until my body wakes up.  I will go for a run at the lake and come home sweaty and tired and alive.  I will spend time with friends, take communion at church, and read until I fall asleep.  And all of it is just because Christ is Lord.  Just because God loves his people.  And because in this season, his love for me is in coffee and friendships and fallen leaves and forgiveness.

He is just as loving in hardship.  He is just as loving in loss and disappointment and heartbreak.  I have known his love in those things.  He has loved me well in those things.  That is his mercy and his grace and his goodness.

But today he loved me in chocolate chip cookies.  In a sunroof and a best friend and a glass of wine.  Today he loved me in tiny, sparkly graces.  And I am so, so thankful to be cared for that way.

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