Blogs I’d Like to Write but Probably Won’t

“I’m an Accountant, and Other Reasons Boys Won’t Date Me”


“Becoming an Adult: Realizing Black Nails and Pop-Tarts are Behind Me”


“The “Secret” Boards I Have on Pinterest” or, equivalently, “All My Insecurities Revealed”


“An Analysis of the Goodbye Letter From My Therapist: What “Best Regards” Could Actually Mean”


“I Saw Magic Mike, and Other Embarrassing Things I Did in College”


“My Biggest Fears About Starting with the Firm (in order of how quickly I’d probably get fired)”


“Accounting Humor and Suicidal Thoughts: A Direct Correlation”


“A Lot of Brides Walk Down the Aisle Alone, and Other “Encouraging” Things People Said When Dad Got Sick”


“Doctor, Accountant, Architect, Police Officer: Ex-boyfriends or Professions I Considered? You Decide.”


“Surviving Unexpected Sex Scenes on TV: Lessons Learned from (Temporarily) Living With My Parents”


“I Wrote This One, and Other Excuses for Not Writing a Decent Blog in Months”

4 thoughts on “Blogs I’d Like to Write but Probably Won’t

  1. I’d like for you to write all of those blog topics. One a day. Or we could do coffee and you could tell me what you’d write about all them before you start working as a grownup…

  2. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. PLEASE blog these! Otherwise, as soon as you are finished with coffee with Brent, you will have to get coffee with me and tell me everything. And, let’s be honest, once you’ve told me I will beg you to write it all anyway.

  3. wait wait wait! clearly, I will need to schedule in coffee too… But I’m with Brent and Katherine on the writing part of it… please, oh please write these blogs!

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