An Aside to No One

Well, the good news is I think my plan worked.

Okay, plan may be a strong word.  That indicates that this was a preemptive strategy.  It wasn’t.  But we’ll go ahead and call it that because it sounds better than the truth.

You see, I made the fatal mistake of letting a few people know about the blog.  Which, in turn, resulted in more than just a few people knowing about the blog.  Which, as a result, was too many people knowing about the blog.

So I stopped posting anything.  Well, anything of any real value.

It was completely out of insecurity and pride (although, aren’t they one in the same?).  There were just too many friends, ex boyfriends, ex pseudo boyfriends, potential boyfriends and potential pseudo boyfriends reading for me to post anything, dare I say, honest.  (Just kidding about the boyfriends. (Mostly.))  And that pretty much curtailed any desire I might have to write.  So I didn’t.

But now I think enough time has passed that all the above stated undesired patrons of Half Price Thoughts have ceased to return.  Hence, the success of the not-planned plan.  And thus, I am able to return to the good ole’ blogging days circa 8th grade of sitting alone in my room, drinking wine from the bottle, and forcing my skewed view of the world and the Lord and my life and other peoples’ lives into haphazardly arranged sentences.

And as such here I sit, spread out in my frameless double bed, donning a black, cotton nighty, over-sized glasses, and a mismatched headband, joined only by the familiar sounds of street noise and the AC wall unit, excited to make my round 2 blog debut here at Half Price Thoughts.

One day when I finally publish my best seller, I will look back at this post and think to myself, “that’s where it all began.”  And I will rise from behind my excel spreadsheet, gather any belongings I might have from what I’m sure will be my undecorated desk, toss my 10-key and calculator in the trash can, and go meet Ayn Rand and Anne Lamott for a celebratory glass of wine (because in my dream world they are friends).  And we will laugh at all the insecurities and the friends and ex boyfriends and ex pseudo boyfriends that almost stopped us from getting there.

Until then, however, I’m just going to blog and drink this wine alone.

A girl can dream.

The point is, I’m back.  To WordPress (and to Auburn, for that matter).  And I’m coming back with a vengeance.  I even have bangs now.  They’re serious.  And so am I.

So get ready, blogosphere.  I’ve had my second wind.

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