Today is May 14th.  This date marks the 5th week, that is 35th day, since that silly little wreck.

The past 5 weeks of my life have consisted of quite the heated battle between my broken leg and I.
There have been moments where defeat seemed imminent.
There have been moments of quiet victories.
And though the battle wages on, I felt it only right to commemorate these last 35 days with a record of events thus far.
A scoreboard, if you will.
After all, as Douglas MacArthur once said “in war there is no substitute for victory.”

  1. Spring Semester Classes – This point goes to me.  While it would be nice to say now that I am done with my classes, I can’t say I hated not finishing them up.  It was the best finals week I’ve ever had.  I stayed in bed and read books.  All my accounting friends didn’t sleep for 5 days.  I will have to finish those classes this summer.  But for the most part, I’ll be working at my own pace.  I’d call that a victory.
  2. Camp – One for the broken leg.  Trailblazing starts tomorrow.  And I would really really really like to be there.  But alas, I cannot walk.  Thus, I cannot navigate the treacherous terrain of the Pine Cove Shores.  I will however continue on my ultra extended FOB.
  3. Walking – Really it’s not even a debate.  Although I have taken a few steps (against the advice of my physical therapist), I look pretty ridiculous doing it.  And it’s looking like we’ve still got a few weeks to go on this one.  Point for the broken leg.
  4. The Art of Conversation – Me.  Not to say that I have by any means mastered it, but all this down time has lead to exorbitant amounts of conversation.  Through which I have realized just how important it really is to, for lack of more eloquent wording, be good at conversation.  I’m glad to know this.
  5. Driving – Broken leg point.  I miss driving.  And I never thought I’d miss the Sunfire.  But I really, really do.  However…
  6. Gas Prices – Point for me.  The prices are insane.  Not that they will have gone down by the time I can actually drive again, but I’m okay with not having to fill up for a few months.  I’m sure my father would agree.
  7. Literature – My point.  I hate watching TV.  And I enjoy a movie every now and then, but it is by no means something I’d want to do on a daily basis.  So instead, I’ve spent much of my free time reading.  And it has been wonderful.  I think this is what I will miss the most once this is all over.
  8. Relationships – Point for me again.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, it has been the biggest blessing to see how the Lord has used this event in my relationships with family and friends.  I could write for days about the support everyone has shown me – cards, flowers, rides, Starbucks, etc.  Even just having people sit in my room and hang out when I’m sure there are a hundred other things they want to be doing has meant so much to me.  I’m really bad with serious, emotional “thank you’s”, but I certainly owe them to a LOT of people.
  9. Domestic Life – Broken leg point.  I miss cleaning.  The second I can sweep or vacuum or wash dishes or something, this house is not going to know what hit it.   And I want to cook.  Like the full on, wearing my apron, bringing out the nice plates kind of cook.  And go grocery shopping.  With Starbucks in one hand and a very detailed, organized by category shopping list in the other.  I’ll be a regular Martha Stuart.  Excluding the whole felony thing.
  10. Wanderlust – Broken leg again.  All this sitting in my house has made me absolutely stir crazy.  I want to travel.  More than anything.  When I’m alone, I look up places I want to go on my computer all the time. (Embarrassing?  Maybe.) I’ve always loved going on trips.  But being this idle for this long has intensified that more than you can imagine.  I really don’t think it’s too much to ask to win the lottery, drop out of school, and just travel forever…I’ll send everyone postcards.  I’m going to pray about this.  I’m pretty sure that’s how that works, right?

Anyway, I could go on – like about how lame it is to be in a wheel chair or how smokin hot both my surgeons and my physical therapist are – but I wont.  Nobody likes reading super long blog posts.  And I don’t like writing them.

But the final score to date is:
Bailey – 5 , Broken Leg – 5

So here’s to you, femur.  You’re a valiant competitor.

2 thoughts on “

  1. 11. Attitude: Leg, snarky & manipulating – Bailey, positive

    I’d have to say YOU won! You always have been competitive. Mama

  2. Hey. You. You’re cool. And I like you because you use words like “exorbitant” and “valiant”. And I like your mom because she used the word snarky, and that’s my favorite.

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