It’s Official: I am a wordpress failure.

This semester has been the busiest semester I’ve had.  Apparently taking a full load of upper-level accounting classes paired with keeping a job, being a YoungLife leader, staying (somewhat) involved in a sorority, and maintaining any semblance of a social life, does not an enjoyable schedule make.  Thus, certain peripheral obligations in my life (ie blogging) quickly and easily fall by the way side.  I’m sure it’s not really been a big blow to anyone’s life, but the lack of activity on here has, if nothing else, bothered me.  Thus, here I am, trying to blog during class without anyone noticing, simply because if I don’t I will have to change the name of my wordpress.  You can’t charge half price for thoughts that don’t ever come to fruition.

It’s Official: I’m going to be in school forever.

After much thought, prayer, and debate,  I have decided to stretch out my undergrad degree over 5 years rather than bust it out in 4.  If I have any hopes of maintaining the GPA necessary to get in to the graduate program I want, I have to take a lighter course load.  Turns out classes like Advanced Accounting Topics, Audit Systems, and Income Tax II aren’t so easy to take simultaneously and get  A’s.  Plus, I would very much like to get an assistanship for grad school (because otherwise I’ll be in student loans up to my ears by the time I get out), thus, I really need to do well in all my classes.  So, including next year (my senior year), a fifth year (my super senior year), and a year of grad school (my I-have-no-social-life-and-all-I-do-is-accounting year), I won’t be getting out of Auburn until 2014.  AKA the year my baby sister graduates high school. 
I’m going to be here forever.  The greek word being “aion” – which also could mean “age” or “period of time” or even “intensity of experience”.  All seem appropriate.  Although forever seems to encompass my feelings a bit more accurately.  I suppose they could all be interchangeable…ask Rob Bell.  But that’s another blog for another time.

It’s Official: God. Is. Good.

Not that this was ever unofficial, but I just felt the need to reiterate.  And I suppose this should’ve been the first part of this entry.  Perhaps this blog structure is indicative of my priorities.  I hope not. 
Regardless, He is.  Really really good.
At the risk of sounding dramatic, this has been one of the hardest years of my life.  Not in the “so many awful things are happening and I don’t know what to do” sort of way, but more in a “i. feel. nothing.” sort of way.  My relationship with the Lord, and honestly with people, has been mediocre at best.  I just feel stagnant.  And a little numb.  With the most heightened emotion being only that of frustration for lack of emotion. 
But by his grace the Lord has allowed me to see tiny glimpses of his glory throughout.  And I am seeing him move in my life and in the lives of people I care about immensely. 
He is good when I don’t see him working at all.
But he is good when I do.
And this week I do.
And for that I am thankful.

It’s Official: I’m ready for Spring Break.

Two more days.  Just two. 
And, in looking on the bright side, I get three more Spring Breaks before I’m out in the real world.
I guess there’s that.

It’s Official: People in my class totally know I’m blogging.

Embarrassing.  I should probably go.

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