Curtains unveil white-barred windows,
Windows reveal the veils on their eyes.
Summer suns dress this place with sweet fervor,
Giving us light to see past their lies.
Grass whispers Glory and trees sing New Mercies,
Lifting their voices to Vastness above.
Words have no meaning, our futile speech tangles,
Still we will pray that they’ll somehow hear “Love.”
Beautiful tragedies begging for wholeness,
Bitter-Sweet pictures of what we once were.
Lord may we radiate Love as the answer,
Dress us in joy of salvation secure.
Desperately, Lord we desire to hold them
Only to bring them before your great Throne.
Sovereignty calm us – Mercy remind us –
Christ intercedes with the sweet Spirit’s groan.
Powerful grace cascading around us
Rendering hope far past what we can see.
Use us, Your vessels, humbly before You.
Remind us, sweet Lord “No Se Trada De Mi.”

2 thoughts on “Argentina

  1. Colorful, touching. Draws me in to a place of caring deeply.
    *Now, why couldn’t I have been asked to write a review of your beautiful creative writings on Amazon, instead of . . .

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