A good friend of mine once said that girls who blog were simply writing thoughts they would want their future husbands to one day know.

This is the same friend who once told me I was “secretly dramatic.”

I think he is wrong on both accounts.

At least I hope so.

(I also hope he doesn’t ever read this).

I can confidently say that in no way is my blog affected by thoughts of a future husband.

I can also confidently say that I try my very hardest to avoid overly dramatic writing via wordpress.  I admit, there have been times at which I have failed at this objective, but I give my best effort.  (This does not, however, include any blogging done prior to age 19…praise the Lord for a different URL).

But, his baseless and somewhat frustrating comment did get me thinking about the purpose of blogging.

It is arguably a narcissistic hobby – as if to assume that my thoughts put into words were of much value to those who choose to read them.  But then I am reminded of fellow bloggers such as Caitlin Randolph, Brent Mckinney, and Abby Lorenc whose entries I literally love to read.  And I know that in no way is their motivation to glorify themselves.

So why is it that thousands of people are blogging?  Do we really just feel the need to put all our thoughts and ideas out there for no reason?  Or is there some underlying pride/insecurity/fear/desire that I just haven’t figured out yet?

I have no real conclusion to this.  I’m not overly concerned about it either.  I just thought it was an interesting question to pose.  Do with it what you want.

Maybe one day my future husband will help me find the answer…

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  1. I started blogging because I thought it enhanced community with other people. For example, I could write thoughts about a newspaper article and friends could agree/disagree and we got to know each other better. Or family could see photos of the kids or read stories of something funny they said/did. Or my church family could read about a mission trip while it was still going on. Much of these functions have been encapsulated by Facebook, etc., where you don’t have to write elaborate thoughts or be a good writer, just type in a blurb.

    As an aside, your future husband will LOVE Bitter Bailey…


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