“Lord, living in your grace, let me share a little, through the attention I give to others, your loving care for us.

Let me, on my knees, adore in them the mystery of your created love.

Let me respect your idea of them without trying to impose my own.

May I allow them to follow the path that you have marked out for them without trying to take them along mine.

May I realize that they are indispensable to the world, and that I can’t do without the least of them.

May I never tire of looking at them and enriching myself with the treasures you have entrusted to them.

Help me to praise you in their journeyings, to find you in their lives.

Grant that not an instant of their existence go by, not a hair of their heads fall, by me, as by you, unheeded.”

Prayers of Life by Michael Quoist

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