Well, it’s been a while.

The nature of camp is that you have no time to process anything and the nature of weekends at camp is that you have no time to do anything.  Thus, blogging about what I’m thinking or feeling or learning is next to impossible.

But as I sit here this morning on the floor of the lovely WashDay laundry mat, I want to at least attempt – maybe because I just love my two readers so much – maybe because I hope to process through the actual act of writing things out – maybe just because I want to avoid the obligatory and overwhelming task of the “it’s been three months so this is my post-camp” blog.

I started writing a list the other day of things I think the Lord has taught/is teaching me this summer.  Patience, the importance of remembering the Lord’s work in my life, the necessity of truly truly truly living in the light, that a wise man loves rebuke, that my tendency is to seek to draw knowledge from this futile bank of things I “know” in my mind rather than seeking to draw wisdom solely from the Lord, etc.

Then I gave up on my list.  Because a list would never do it justice.

It’s so overwhelming even to begin to think about this summer and all that has happened.  To the point where I am even hesitant to call people on the weekends because I know my words will fail and frustrate me.

Like they are right now.

But the good news is, my laundry is dry and smoothie king is calling my name, so I have a decent excuse to end this post.

In conclusion, I’m sorry for the lame, non-update.  But thank you for everyone’s prayers and/or letters and/or packages.  Encouragement from the real world is more of a blessing to me than you will ever know.

And God is good.  Always.  All the time.  In everything.

The end.

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