Well week 1 of camp is over.  It was frustratingly slow but incredibly fast.  It was wonderful but awful.  It was refreshing but draining.  It was unbelievably hard but amazingly beautiful.

Such is camp.

The ultimate paradox.

Such is life.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

I really want to write about all that I’m learning.  But it seems almost pretentious to think I have the ability to put such unthinkable, incredible, eternal concepts and lessons and ideas into futile words.

How frustrating.

How beautiful.

We got our cabin assignments this morning.  And I have Overflow…meaning I have a two-week cabin…meaning these girls, good or bad, frustrating or endearing, exhausting or refreshing, are coming tomorrow and staying for 13 days.

And I am terrified.

And I am thrilled.

I trust fully that the Lord has put these girls in my cabin for two weeks for a reason.  And no matter what it will look like, I am so so unbelievably excited.  Because I know I can’t do this.  But I know that he can.  And I know that it’s all for his glory.

Sometimes I am literally frozen by the thought that our holy and perfect and loving God has this huge and intricate and perfect plan for the redemption of the world, and part of his plan for these girls is this camp, and part of his plan for this camp is their cabin, and part of his plan for their cabin is me.  Not because I am worthy of that honor.  Not because I am capable.  Not because I have it all figured out.  But just because of his grace.  His unimaginable grace that covers my unworthiness and incapabilities and brokenness. And that somehow, amazingly, allows me to be a part of this plan.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

But I’m so thankful.

And I’m thankful for the people I’m meeting.  And the letters I’m receiving that bring me to tears (Caitlin).  And the things I am seeing.   And the lessons I’m learning.  And the sin I’m being convicted of.  And the prayers that are being answered.  And the grace that keeps me going.

He is good.  So so good.

War Eagle to that (that was for you brie =] )

So maybe I’ll write again in two weeks.  Maybe not.  Either way.  You should write me letters. =]

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  1. in case you were wondering…i check your blog weekly because i think you’re an absolutely incredible writer and your posts are always really encouraging. i’m so glad that i got to know you better this weekend (plus now i don’t feel like as much of a creep for reading your blog) and i hope overflow is wonderful for you!

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