R a n d o m T h o u g h t s

  • I am ready for spring.  And by ready I mean REALLY REALLY ready.  I would like to put my coats away for the year please.
  • There are few things I like more than waking up to The Shins Caring is Creepy.
  • I am really looking forward to Spring Break.  And for the first time since I left for school, I have no reservations or fears about spending a few days at home…which is a great feeling.
  • The Lord is teaching me a lot about obedience and humility.  And those are hard lessons to learn.
  • I’m tired of the way people feel the need to always “tie up conversations with a pretty bow” (as my bible study leader would say).  If something sucks, just say that it sucks.  I believe very much in focusing on and pointing out God’s grace and love in every situation.  But I also believe very much in honesty.  And it bothers me how much it makes other people uncomfortable when we don’t finish sentences with phrases like “but I know it’s going to be okay” or “but it’s fine.”  I mean, it IS going to be okay and it usually IS fine – but lets be real – sometimes thats not how we really feel, and I don’t see the necessity to lie about it.
  • I am thankful that the grace of the Father is deafening.  Because I’m tired of hearing my sinful self think.
  • My YoungLife girls are wonderful.  And I love them so so much.
  • I don’t remember the last time a full week went by in Auburn without any rain.
  • I have class in two minutes and I’m not going.  And I haven’t been to this one in a few weeks.   And I’m okay with it.  (Sorry, Dad.  I promise you’re not wasting your money.)
  • I complain about being in college a lot.  A whole lot.  But at the end of the day I really do love it.  I don’t love my major and Lord knows I don’t like tests.  But I do love college.  I love the people I’m surrounded by and the opportunities to serve and grow and learn.  I love football and fellowship and dance parties and random road trips and dinner parties.  I love the freedom of college and the thousands of ways I see the Lord working here.  And I really really really love Auburn.  I’m working for the University as an orientation leader for transfer students and part of my training was learning just about everything there is to know about Auburn University.  And I love it.  The creed gives me chills.  Every time.  And there is something so powerful about Samford Hall.  And the War Eagle story.  And the truth behind the “Auburn family.”  “I believe in Auburn and love it” ..maybe a little too much.
  • I CAN’T WAIT for camp this summer. 
  • I think something has made me physically incapable of writing anything interesting on this blog.
  • I’m annoyed at how many of these bullet points start with the word “I”.

The End.

2 thoughts on “R a n d o m T h o u g h t s

  1. You know the only part of the Auburn Creed I don’t believe? The first line.

    But seeing as I have the Scripture referenced tattooed on my arm and a framed print of it in my office, well, it gives me chills…still.

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