It’s snowing here in Auburn today. 

I woke up early to study for the test I have at 1, but I feel that studying while it snows is far less attractive than writing and drinking coffee while it snows…thus, I am writing and drinking coffee.

I’m not a huge snow person.  While it is some what of a phenomenon here in the south, it sort of loses its luster on days, like today, when it doesn’t even cancel classes.  I do find the idea of snow to be fascinating, and watching it fall furiously to the ground right outside my window this morning is pretty neat.  But I’m a huge baby about the cold.  After about 30 minutes of playing in the snow once a year, I’m done.  I’m thankful for it.  But I’m kinda over it.

Thats why I think the winter Olympians are a little crazy.  Specifically the cross-country skiers.  Good grief those people are torturing themselves.  If I end up in hell for some reason, I think it will be an eternity of eating clams, listening to rap music, being surrounded by clown feet, and cross-country skiing. 
Glad I don’t have to worry about that.

But those skiers love it.  They spend their lives training for this psycho sport.  The rest of us ski down the mountain; these freaks ski up the mountain, as if they were confused about the way the whole skiing thing really works. The run and lift weights and ski ridiculously long distances and breathe in frigid air and suffocate themselves in those crazy tight body suits and have to deal with the whole physical confusion of sweating while being extremely cold at the same time…
I just don’t get it.
But they do. 
And they love it.
Because they’re passionate about it. 
And only that kind of intense, life-altering, indescribable passion can push a person that hard towards something that the rest of the world will never truly understand.

That’s how I feel about Jesus. 

Let’s be real, following Jesus is really difficult.  We’re choosing to live a life of dying to ourselves.  We’re choosing a life of fighting and pushing and skiing uphill when everyone else is racing down the mountain.  We’re not choosing the easy way.  At all.
And the rest of the world will never truly understand.

But we do it because we’re passionate about our Creator.  We are passionate about his story of grace and our opportunity to share that story with others.  We are passionate about loving others because Christ loved us.  We are passionate about transformed lives and radical love and stories of redemption.

Because only that kind of intense, life-altering, indescribable passion can keep us following hard after Jesus. 

That’s why He says to “never be lacking in zeal.”

And the true beauty of the story is that it’s a God-given passion.  He equips those he calls.  He is the author and perfector of our faith. 

He is the source and the object of our passion.

And that’s pretty darn cool.

So sorry for the lame comparison of skiing with following Jesus…believe me, I know it sounded a little 6th grade Sunday school-y.  But just deal with it.  The cold weather has altered my brain so that I revert back to lame rhetorical devices while writing…

It’s just that lately I haven’t been feeling very passionate about anything.  I’m not really digging the whole business major thing.  And I’m a little tired of the routine of this semester already.  And for whatever reason, I haven’t been very passionate about Jesus this week.  So I dismissed it as just a phase and thought I could push through it.

But this morning the Lord let me see how ridiculous that thought process really was.  If I’m not passionate about Jesus, I have nothing – I lose my identity, my reason for living, my motivation for anything…
If I’m not passionate about Jesus, I am nothing.
Thats why I’ve been in such a funk.
Thats why I’ve been feeling so detached from the world.

So thank you, Lord, that I am nothing without you. 
Because I don’t want to be anything but a passionate follower of your ways. 
Thank you for the grace you have given me to see that and claim that and live that. 
You are so good.

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