Well, its official, I am old.

I am no longer a teenager.  I am in my twenties.  And that is old.  And weird.

I started writing about the past ten years, erased it, started writing about the next ten years, erased that too, started to write about something entirely different, and didn’t feel like finishing.

So instead, I will just write about my actual birthday, and the ridiculous events that occured…Enjoy.

My birthday was Sunday.  My friends and I went to church, grabbed Panera for lunch, and spent the whole day shopping and spending money that I dont have (sorry, Daddy).  That night, our good friend Andrew surprised us by taking us to the Hardrock Cafe in Atlanta.  I was slightly humiliated when I was forced to stand on a chair while the entire restaurant wished me a Happy Birthday, but my friends thought it was hilarious and took lots of pictures.  Cool.

After dinner, we walked downtown to go ice skating.  They closed 10 minutes before we got there.  Instead, we just walked around downtown, took pictures in the park, and stopped to talk with some really cool homeless guys.  They told us about their lives, referred to me as one of Charlie’s Angels, and then asked for money.  I like them a lot.

Around 11 we decided to head back to Auburn.  We had some really good conversations, and then rocked out to “Now 4” much to the boys’ dismay.  About 20 miles from Auburn – I just couldn’t take it anymore – and I may or may not have yelled at Andrew (who was driving Leigh’s car) to get to a gas station ASAP…I drank a lot of water at dinner…don’t judge me.

After two exits, multiple closed gas stations, and a myriad of jokes about how often I have to use the restroom, Andrew looked down to discover that we were very much in need of gasoline.  Approximately three seconds later, the car made a weird noise, and ran completely out of gas. 

So there we were, a group of college kids on the side of I-85, in the middle of the night, completely stranded.  And I had to freaking pee.

Andrew, Leigh, and I decided to walk to the next gas station while Katie and Alex stayed in the car.   We then got scared and started to run.  A sketchy car stopped.  We hitchhiked.  Yep.  Safe, I know.

Rando lady took us to a truck stop.  I finally found a bathroom.  Andrew bought a slushee.

We called AAA and then realized we were going to have to somehow get back to the car.  We saw a cop.  We asked for a ride.  She checked us for weapons (seriously, she did), accused us of being drunk, and then agreed.  We asked her to turn her lights on.  She did.  It was so cool.

She dropped us back off at the car.  The 5 of us waited forever for the guy to come bring us gas.  We ate snikerdoodles and laughed at how ridiculous the night had been.

Finally, the SKETCHIEST guy in the history of the world who spoke little to no english, brought us about 2 ounces of gasoline, and we were on our way back to the plains.

So, in conclusion, on my 20th birthday, I ran out of gas, almost peed in my pants, hitch hiked in sketch-town, Alabama, and rode in the back of a cop car. 

I love my friends.

Thanks and War Eagle.

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